Student Features

Typing University Curriculum

The Typing University curriculum uses a traditional method of touch typing where two new keys are introduced in each lesson. Timed assessments, reinforcement lessons, current event articles and the practice library round out this comprehensive, robust curriculum.

New! Instant Feedback

Typing progress is always visible from the dashboard, typing screen and the My Progress page.


Typing University includes a variety of typing games that allow students to take a break from their lessons while still reinforcing their keyboarding skills.

Certificate of Completion

Print auto-populated certificates of completion for students to commemorate the completion of the Typing University course.

Compatible With All Devices

Fully HTML5 compatible, Typing University can be used on all devices, including iPads, Chromebooks and other tablets.

Updated News & Practice Lessons

Students practice typing articles that are relevant to college, professional and postsecondary levels. For example, topics such as Interview Tips and Budgeting for Student Loans let students type while reading about subjects that interest them.

Assessments (Timed Tests)

Measure students' words per minute and accuracy percentage using a variety of 1-, 3- and 5-minute timed typing tests.